CCTV Solution

Bigdata System Co.,Ltd. have the experience in implement the Integration CCTV Projects in Bangkok Metropolis Thailand , with CAT Telecom Public Company, Nakhon Pathom Province ,Nakhon Nayok Province with Bigdata System’s Solution. Our Solution is good quality in management and hight performance solution.

– CMS/VMS Software is standard tool to combine the CCTV camera.The vasrious brands of camera is no ploblem about implement process.We can provide the integration of CCTV for projects in the short time.
– The best License Plate Recognition software is Bigdata System’s Algorithm and software.It’s very strong accurency and flexible.R&D processing in company is best accurency in the other software.Make the CCTV projects of province hit the public safety policy.
– The Face Recognition software is Bigdata System’s Algorithm and software that can provide to large scale and cloud base solution.It’s can be the flexible solution for organization .The sofware can be the important tools for various demand.
– N2N Network software , is Bigdata System’s software,N2N is the large scale software for big projects like Metropolis of country. It’s the CCTV monitoring process,with graph,with SNMP ,Telnet ,stand protocol to monitor the camera in realtime .It’s simple way to show in googlmap views but it’s garantee to backup and support to manage the big CCTV system projects

            Software N2N Monitoring is a network monitoring system that the company has developed to support the status checking of Optical Network Unit or ONU devices and network devices using Ping, SNMP Protocol, Telnet, or other data transmitted via the network such as temperature. Of Optical Network Unit (ONU) devices, Bandwidth used for each device

Software N2N Monitoring can monitor the network equipment in the form of Large Scale, which the company has used to monitor the operation of the network equipment of the ISP, the country’s leading communications organization. Due to the need to use on the network, there are tens of thousands of devices. There is no manufacturer of software on the market to guarantee the performance of general software systems, tens of thousands to hundreds of devices must be developed to be used in the form of large networks that support the main devices 100,000 Devices Software. N2N Monitoring has advantages that are different from other software in the market. The system is developed by itself, so Performance Tuning has been implemented to monitor CCTV via Ping IP, SNMP Protocol, Telnet in. If the router or ONU device is inspected, check the CCTV equipment to know whether the status of the IP Camera is normal or not.

CCTV Integration Diagram

Solution Diagram


Software output